Looking to deliver or receive money on loan? Then use our loan contract between individuals . It is very simple to complete, it will only take a few minutes. Through this document adjusted to the law, you will streamline the process and avoid future misunderstandings.

Use the loan contract between individuals if …
You are going to lend money to another person.
You will receive something on loan.
Characteristics of the loan contract between individuals
A loan is an operation in which a person gives to another a fixed amount of money, with the condition that after a certain time he returns that amount, along with interest in case they are agreed.

Yes, a loan can be free. And yes, it can also involve interests. It will depend on what you agree.

If it is a loan of objects instead of money, this contract is called a loan. The loan is always free.

The following parts intervene in the loan:

Lender: The person who delivers the object or money on loan.
Borrower: It is who receives the loan.
The loan contract between individuals must …
Document in writing: It will serve to make clear all the terms of the contract and avoid future misunderstandings. With our model you ensure you personalize a document made by expert lawyers fully adjusted to the law.
Register the delivery of the money: The delivery can be documented by means of nominative checks, bank transfers or any proof that serves as a receipt.
Contain the repayment deadlines or loan repayment installments: Keeping record of how the money will be repaid will make all conditions fixed and correctly recorded.
In case of agreeing interests: The loan must be formalized by delivering the written document in the settlement area of ​​the Treasury Office of our Autonomous Community. You do not have to pay taxes for carrying out this process, since you are exempt from them.
Using the loan agreement between individuals will avoid future problems and complications. In addition, we will make sure that everything is collected and justified before the administrations complying with the law.


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